About Us

About V-Tech Electronic Components

Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, V-Tech Electronic Components specializes in B2B sales and product marketing and sourcing.

  • We work with startups and established business by providing our principals sales and marketing services and ODM’s and OEMs custom electronic manufacturing sources.
  • A full service B2B sales, marketing and business services provider catering to small to medium small businesses.

V-Tech’s current product offerings include, but are not limited to custom transformers, inductors, power supplies, battery assemblies, printed circuit boards, and cable harnesses and electronic manufacturing service providers.

Our sources provide manufacturing locations in USA, Mexico, and China and serve a variety of industries, including medical, industrial, aerospace, military, communications, instrumentation and more. V-Tech delivers the superior support needed to move your ideas through inception to post production. We also support ODMS and OEMS.

V-Tech Electronic Components represents world class manufacturers dedicated to customer satisfaction from inquiry through the production process. The company was founded to assist Original Equipment Makers and startup companies to identify their manufacturing needs and provide solutions based on those needs. With over 20 years in manufacturing, quality, product sourcing, and sales and support to OEMs, V-Tech’s founder is focused on delivering needs analysis and sales support to our customers and principals, from the point of development, to production with additional follow through to ensure full customer satisfaction.

A full-service electronic manufacturing solutions firm, V-Tech builds extraordinary value and innovation into outsourced manufacturing solutions. Using flexible engagement options, we provide companies and entrepreneurs with services from multi-phase product development to engineering controlled production.